Phase II Public Engagement on the Proposed Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority

From October 2013 to January 2014, the Harbourfront Commission and the Development Bureau had conducted Phase I Public Engagement Exercise for the Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority, hoping to promote comprehensive waterfront development through a creative mind set and a more flexible management model. Opinions collected in Phase I showed that the public in general supported to establish a dedicated Harbourfront Authority. Taking into account of the views collected from the public, we have drawn up a detailed framework for the proposed Harbourfront Authority for further discussion in the Phase II Public Engagement Exercise.

The Phase II Public Engagement Exercise was launched on 25 September 2014 and will last for three months until 24 December 2014. We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.  For full details, please visit the public engagement dedicated website at

The Commission sincerely invites you to attend the Public Forum listed below:

1st Public Forum
Date:  11 October 2014
Time:   10:00am - 12:00nn
Venue:   Lecture Hall, Heritage Discovery Centre, 
Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road, TsimShaTsui, Kowloon

2nd Public Forum
Date:   8 November 2014
Time:   10:00am - 12:00nn
Venue:   To be confirmed

3rd Public Forum
Date:   13 December 2014
Time:   10:00am - 12:00nn

To register, please email at and include your name, organization/institution and an email address (if different from the one sending us the email).  Due to limited capacity, seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have any enquiries, please call 3509 8809 to liaise with the Secretariat of the Harbourfront Commission.

Public Engagement Digest is available for viewing and downloading at: