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December 2008

Central Waterfront Planning - A Review by Roger Nissim, BPC Member of HBF





November 2008

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects presentation on West Kowloon Cultural District's Planning and Design

May 2006

Victoria Harbour: Hong Kong's Front Yard or Junk Yard?
Larry Beasley Presentation
     Christine Loh Presentation

Government Papers/Reports



July 2010 Harbour-front Enhancement Committee Concluding Publication - Harbour of Life

March 2010

Report on the Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise for the West Kowloon Cultural District

February 2010

Harbour-front Enhancement Committee – Recommendation Report on Management Model for the Harbourfront

December 2009

Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront Stage 2 Public Engagement Public Opinion Collection Exercise - Final Report

November 2009

Harbourfront Enhancement and Planning

November 2009

Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront and Annexes A-E

October 2009

2009-10 Policy Address: Breaking New Ground Together

July 2009

Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront Stage 2 Public Engagement – Report on Consolidation Forum

May 2008

Upfront endowment for implementing the WKCD Project

May 2008

M+ in West Kowloon Cultural District

February 2008

Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront Stage 1 Public Engagement Report – Full Report and Summary Report

January 2008

West Kowloon Cultural District: The Way Forward and West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Bill

November 2007

Kai Tak Planning Review – Study Reports

October 2007

Hong Kong 2030 Planning Vision and Strategy – Final Report

June 2007

Harbour-front Enhancement Committee – Harbour Planning Guidelines

April 2006

Harbour-front Enhancement Committee – Victoria Harbour and its waterfront Areas Vision, Mission & Planning Principles

April 2006

Consolidation of Harbour-front & Trunk Road Ideas – Trunk Road Alignments & Harbour-front Enhancement 

March 2006

Harbour-front Enhancement Committee – Central Harbourfront and Me (CHarM) Final Report

Year 2005

Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong

November 2005

Major Findings of the 2004 Study on Cruise Terminal Facilities Development for Hong Kong

October 2005

Report of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Transport Planning and Central-Wan Chai Bypass 

March 2005

Planning for Water-based Activities in Victoria Harbour

November 2004

Hong Kong Port – Master Plan 2020

August 2004

Overview of Proposed Enhancements at Government Piers and Landing Facilities within the limits of the Victoria Harbour

February 2003

Study on Review of Metroplan and the Related Kowloon Density Study Review

February 2003

Planning Study on the Harbour and its Waterfront Areas

November 2002

Urban Design Guidelines For Hong Kong - Executive Summary

February 2000

Bringing the Vision to Life: Hong Kong's Long-term Development Needs and Goals. Hong Kong

June 1999

Town Planning Board's Vision and Goals for Victoria Harbour