The Harbour Business Forum is open to all business groups and membership can take various forms. We have 10 Patron Members, 30 Corporate Members, 53 Professional Members and 29 Supporting Members.

We welcome any business that wishes to join the Harbour Business Forum. 

Patrons Corporate Members Professional Members Supporting Members
Business leaders who formally endorse the establishment of the Harbour Business Forum, act as guardians, define the terms of reference, commit initial funding and provide ongoing oversight through the appointment of their senior representatives. Companies committed to support the Harbour Business Forum including those active in, among others, F&B, retail, property development and management, tourism and leisure, transportation, financial institutions, and other service organizations. Professional services firms, including engineers, architects, planners and business consultants who join as members and who provide consulting services and assistance with design, planning, research and consultancy studies undertaken by the Harbour Business Forum. Business organizations and Chambers of Commerce who will be asked to collect views from their constituency, to co-ordinate Harbour Business Forum initiatives among their membership, and to provide resources and support where appropriate.

Please fill in this form if you are interested in becoming a member and we will get in touch as soon as possible. Any other queries please visit our Contact Us section.

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