Integrated Harbour Vision and Plan for Victoria Harbour Study - Workshop #1: The Business Case for Change and Analysis of the Existing Solution 

The Harbour Business Forum (HBF) is currently conducting an Integrated Harbour Vision and Plan for Victoria Harbour Study, which will review the findings of the many harbour related plans and proposals that have been completed in the last decade by both Government and private sector organisations and draw on them to create an integrated vision for the harbour, together with proposals on how such a vision can be implemented.

In this connection, the HBF held its first workshop, which forms part of the Study and is one of a series of four, on 18 February 2009.  The purpose of this workshop was to identify a list of priority constraints and opportunities in harbour planning and development from the perspective of government officials and the business community.  These constraints and opportunities will form the platform for developing the vision and the options for implementation that will be explored in the next workshop scheduled for late April.

Over 20 participants, including senior government officials and business leaders, attended the workshop and provided valuable insights into topics in relation to the planning and development of harbourfront areas along VictoriaHarbour