Speaker Luncheon Series XVII - Visiting students and their HK harbour-front story  

At the luncheon hosted by HBF on 25 February 2009, four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), MassachusettsUSA, presented their findings and recommendations at the conclusion of their visits to 48 sites along the Victoria Harbour, owned and operated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), in January and February, 2009. 

The students had conducted site observations, user and resident surveys, and hotel staff interviews to assess how well each of the sites met the criteria of accessibility, connectivity, quality, and design and maintenance. Based on the findings, they have made the following key recommendations to enhanceVictoria Harbour to become a genuinely vibrant and well-used area.

Signs should be added between the transport drop-off point and the site, and between disconnected and nearby sites to increase the ease of travel.
More food services should be provided, as only 33% of sites have such services.
Installation of facilities or equipment to allow a variety of activities at the sites
More shaded seating should be provided.
Chain-link fences with barbed wire should be removed or changed to more aesthetically pleasing fences.

The students have also made specific suggestions to improve each of the 48 LCSD sites.  Please see the following presentation for details.

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Full Report - Part 1

Full Report - Part 2