Integrated Harbour Vision and Plan for Victoria Harbour Study - Workshop #2: Strategic Priorities and Delivery Mechanisms

The purposes of the second workshop were to explore and evaluate a series of strategic priorities, articulate the vision for improved planning and development of Victoria Harbour and consider the institutional changes that might be necessary to deliver the vision and action plan.  Similar to the last workshop held on 18 February, 2009, GHK, consultant for the study gave presentation on their work undertaken in stage 2 of this study and following that, participants discussed strategy priorities and institutional options during the breakout sessions.

It was a good and positive workshop.  Participants, including local business leaders and senior government officials, made valuable contributions and shared their thoughts during the two discussion sessions.  The collected views would be analysed and form the background of the final report.  Two more workshops for the Integrated Harbour Study will be held and the next is in early July.