Presentation of the HBF's Draft Integrated Harbour Vision and Plan for Victoria Harbour Study

GHK has given a presentation on the draft findings of the HBF's Integrated Harbour Vision and Delivery Plan Study on August 18. Commissioned in December 2008 and undertaken by GHK, the study pulls all of the HBF's previous works together into a single document which:

Presents for the first time HBF's Vision for Victoria Harbour
Presents HBF's Integrated Strategy for delivering this Vision
Clearly articulates the rationale for delivery and why a new approach makes good business sense

What is so different about this Study is that it focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of the problem.  The findings have been shaped through a series of highly-productive joint HBF-Government workshops held during the course of the study.  Attended by senior government officials and members of HBF, such dialogues have been crucial to fostering greater understanding on both sides and creating a more receptive mindset about the need for change.