BEC-HBF Joint Breakfast on Private Sector/Community Participation - 21st Century Models for Harbourfront Development & Management 
The September 15 Breakfast brought together more than 40 participants to discuss how the public and private sector/community could form partnership to develop new models for harbourfront development and management in Hong Kong. The first speaker was the Chairman of the recently formed Harbourfront Commission Mr. Nicholas Brooke, who spoke on the topic of “Delivery a Quality Harbourfront for Hong Kong” by introducing the role and responsibilities of the Harbourfront Commission in the harbourfront development.

Following Mr. Brooke's speech, Mr. Sam Farrands, Partner of Minter Ellison, gave some examples of best practices and different models of public private partnerships around the world and also explored how such partnerships could be established, especially in Hong Kong context.

Mr. Nicholas Brooke Presentation Download

Mr. Sam Farrands Presentation Download