Luncheon with Secretary for Development Mrs. Carrie Lam on the Development of Sites 1 & 2 of the New Central Harbourfront

Mrs. Carrie Lam spoke to the HBF members at the luncheon on 7th December 2009 about the government’s plans for the development of Sites 1 & 2 of the New Central Harbourfront, which are the sites in front of IFC II and adjoining Central Piers 4-6.

Following the Chief Executive’s Policy address in October 2009, the Government has announced that the development intensity of Sites 1 and 2 will be substantially reduced.  The Sites will be developed as a distinctive civic node and mixed use precinct, featuring low-rise structures for exhibition, retail, entertainment, civic and community uses by public-private partnerships (PPP) through a design, build, and operate approach under a fixed duration land lease. 

The luncheon was well received with a full house of audience.  Mrs. Carrie Lam’s speech was very informative and interesting enough in order for them to get inspired.