Harbour Business Forum’s Harbour Connectivity Study looks at the connectivity around and to the harbour and proposes several key recommendations which will enhance the harbour’s pedestrian connectivity by 137% from 8.8km to 22km. Solutions within the report are practical, relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. The study focuses on six “forgotten waterfronts” of Hong Kong such as Heng Fa Chuen, Kowloon Bay, To Kwa Wan and Sai Wan Ho, joining up previously inaccessible areas through the development of a continuous harbour-front promenade, and recreation areas. 

The goals of the study was to improve connectivity along and to the harbour-front, with better land and water access to the selected areas; a continuous waterfront pathway of between 10 and 30 meters wide and providing amenities such as water fountains, kiosks and seating along the way.