The Harbour Business Forum has reviewed the Government's Public Consultation Preliminary Outline Development Plan (PODP) for Kai Tak Stage 3 based on the Harbour Planning Principles which is a set of guidelines to facilitate the sustainable planning, preservation, development and management of Victoria Harbour and the harbourfront areas. HBF believes that each Principle should be used to evaluate the applicability and relative importance of the plan in relation to the harbour as a whole.

Background: The Kai Tak Planning Review began in mid-2004, during which the Stage 1 Public Participation had initiated community discussion on the vision for Kai Tak development. The public had also expressed views on the Outline Concept Plans in the subsequent Stage 2 Public Participation, which was completed early this year.


The Stage 3 Public Participation Programme (August 2006) aimed to facilitate early feedback from the public on the draft PODP before it is finalised. Under the draft PODP, there will be six main sub-areas of Kai Tak, namely Kai Tak City Centre, Sports Hub, Metro Park, Runway Precinct, Tourism and Leisure Hub, and Mixed Use Corner. On the basis of 'no reclamation', the draft PODP has proposed a balance of residential, commercial office/hotel, sports and tourism developments in Kai Tak. The future Kai Tak development is proposed to accommodate an overall population of about 87,000 and to provide about 85,000 job opportunities. A multi-purpose stadium complex is also planned, as well as a two birth cruise terminal and a heliport at the end of the ex-runway.
For further information visit the Planning Department's website ( for more details of the Stage 3 Public Participation Programme of the Kai Tak Planning Review and the public consultation digest.