Speaker Luncheon XX – Making Hong Kong Walkable

A team of four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, USA presented their findings and recommendations at the conclusion of their study on Measurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong Kong at our luncheon on February 28. 

Walkability can be used to describe the extent to which the built environment is walking-friendly.  To determine the pedestrian friendliness of Hong Kong and the public’s perception of walkability in Hong Kong, the four students have conducted site evaluations of a number of harbourfront areas as well as face-to-face questionnaire survey over the eight-weekperiod.  They were doing this in hopes of making Hong Kong a more pedestrian friendly city, and it can result in areas deliberately created with few cars and greater pedestrian activity. 

The luncheon was well received and attended by senior officials from government, business and academia.  It provided audience with practical insights to create a walkable city.  The audience was very well impressed with the real life examples were given by the students.

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