Who are we?

Harbour Business Forum (HBF) was formally launched in June 2005, due to a concern about how developments in and around our harbour could have a negative impact upon the future development of Hong Kong. HBF is now one of the biggest business alliances, with 122 business members - including 10 Patron Members, 30 Corporate Members, 53 Professional Members and 29 Supporting Members from business chambers and professional associations. 

HBF's Mission

Victoria Harbour is core to Hong Kong's heritage, an international icon and a source of inspiration to those who live and work in Hong Kong. Our mission is to see Hong Kong's harbour and harbour-front areas become a genuinely vibrant, accessible and sustainable world-class asset. We aim to engage with relevant stakeholders and the Government in order to agree upon, and implement, a common vision for the harbour.

HBF's Objectives and Achievements

  • The creation of an overarching agency for the harbour
  • To promote integrated planning and coordination of projects related to the long term economic, social and environmental interests of Hong Kong's harbour
  • To support the Harbour Planning Principles and their application to all future harbour developments

HBF is primarily a research driven think tank, defined by its principles and objectives. These include the creation of an overarching agency for the harbour, and the need for any harbour development to take account of the public's wish (as captured by our research) for greater access to the harbour. We have stated our support for the Harbour Planning Principles and called for them to apply to all future developments.

Significantly, HBF's work has helped create a pluralistic approach to harbour issues and HBF has based its strategic, long term decisions on a better knowledge on the economic, social and environmental challenges of the harbour. Our popular International Speaker luncheons have made available specialist experience by sharing International Best Practice. HBF has also organised a design competition, harbour walks, a waterfront conference and other activities that have all promoted harbour issues and have been both informative and educational. 

However, much remains to be done to deliver our message and positively influence the harbour planning process.

HBF Work Programme

The Harbour Business Forum has many achievements to its credit and has grown to become Hong Kong's most significant harbour business alliance. 

1. Research Focus

HBF has committed substantial financial resources to research how best to turn Hong Kong's harbour and harbour-front into a vibrant, accessible and sustainable, world-class asset. Poignant research studies including the:

2. Government Engagement

As a coalition, we respond to Government initiatives relating to harbour development. We do not respond to individual projects, but rather stress the need for holistic and integrated planning that upholds the Harbour Planning Principles.

3. Awareness Raising

In order to foster the interest and participation of the business community and other harbour stakeholders, HBF organises a number of local and international events addressing best practice and waterfront development.

4. Design Competition

  • Central Waterfront Design Competition (2007)
    HBF is a supporting organization of the competition organized by Designing Hong Kong. The Competition was launched in May as part of the public consultation on the new Central waterfront, with prizes of HK$1 million. It attracted 82 entries from Hong Kong and the mainland, as well as Indonesia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada.