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This section will include downloadable materials including HBF research publications, presentation materials by our international speakers and more.
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Central Waterfront Planning - A Review by Roger Nissim, BPC Member of HBF



Title File
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects presentation on West Kowloon Cultural District's Planning and Design

International Speaker Luncheon Series IX - 10 ways to improve the quality of Hong Kong's waterfront
21 June 2007

HBF & HKGCC Harbour Roundtable Discussion VII: How much is the harbour worth?
25 April 2007

International Speaker Series VIII – Singapore’s waterfront rejuvenation efforts
28 March 2007

Download PDF Mark Goh’s Speech
International Speaker Series VII - Lessons learned from Toronto 
7 November 2006
Download PDF 5.5MB
HBF & HKGCC Harbour Roundtable Discussion 6: The New Harbourfront in Wan Chain and Central 
31 October 2006
Download PDF 3.43MB
HBF Speakers Breakfast - Virtual London and Public Participation 
25 October 2006
Download PDFPresentation for HBF
Download PDF Presentation for HK PolyU
Kai Tak Planning Review: Stage 3 Public Participation – 
Preliminary Outline Development Plan 
15 August 2006
Download PDF 9.5MB
Harbourfront Open Space and Leisure/Tourism Development: Perspectives from San Francisco
10 July 2006
Download PDF 569KB
Waterfronts as History
9 June 2006
Download PDF 2.27MB
Victoria Harbour: Hong Kong's Front Yard or Junk Yard?
24 May 2006
Download PDF Larry Beasley's Presentation 
Download PDF Christine Loh's Presentation
Placemaking workshop and Placemaking Seminar
22 May 2006
Download PDF 4.31MB
HBF/HKGCC Harbour Roundtable Discussion 3: Central Planning Review
30 Mar 2006
Download PDF Mr. Bosco Fung's Presentation
Download PDF HOK's Presentation
Waterfront Development - A strategic choice for cities on water
International Centre Cities on Water, Venice, Italy
3 Mar 2006
Download PDF3.7MB
Harbour Roundtable 2 – Kai Tak
14 Feb 2006
Download PDF1.8MB
Harbour Roundtable 1 – Wan Chai
24 Jan 2006
Download PDF1.0MB
British Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Briefing – HBF
11 Jan 2006
Download PDF4.5MB
The London Olympics - global agendas and local perspectives
Fluid, UK
24 Nov 2005
Download PDF890KB
Big Drops in Small Ponds: creating movements for local change;
Channel 4; UK
24 Nov 2005
Download PDF2.0MB
"Waterfront Revitalization - a global perspective" booklet
Urban Land Institute
6 Oct 2005
Download PDF6.6MB
Regenerating HK Harbour
Urban Land Institute 
6 Oct 2005
Download PDF3.0MB
Regeneration of Melbourne Docklands 
VicUrban, Australia
20 Sep 2005
Download PDF2.2MB
London's Riverside - Past, Present and Future
Greater London Authority, UK 
20 Sep 2005
Download PDF1.2MB
Creating a World Class Waterfront at Central
Government Presentation to HBF Patrons
7 Sep 2005
Download PDF1.4MB
Kai Tak Development Review
18 Jul 2005
Download PDF150KB
Creating Success - The Importance of the Public Realm in Making Social, Economic and Environmental Success
13 Jul 2005
Download PDF3.50MB

HBF Materials

Hong Kong Harbour: An economic asset not fully realised File

Executive Summary

Download PDF 50KB

Executive Summary - Chinese

Download PDF 213KB
Full Report Download PDF 310KB
Kai Tak
HBF Review of Kai Tak Stage 3 Download PDF 344KB
Harbour Values Study
Executive Summary  128KB

Executive Summary - Chinese

Download PDF 151KB
Full Report  976KB
Public Opinion Survey
Executive Summary  420KB
Presentation of Literature Review and Focus Groups  2.8MB
Report of Public Opinion Survey  550KB
Original Survey Questionnaire  220KB
Review of Central Reclamation and Waterfront File
Summary Sheet  250KB
Full Report  2.2MB

Newsletters File
HBF Newsletter No. 15 – July 2007  1.15MB
HBF Newsletter No. 14 – March 2007  397KB
HBF Newsletter No. 13 - December 2006  202KB
HBF Newsletter No. 12 - October 2006  1.54 MB
HBF Newsletter No. 11 - August 2006  117KB
HBF Newsletter No. 10 - July 2006  424KB
HBF Newsletter No. 9 - June 2006  117KB
HBF Newsletter No. 8 - May 2006  142KB
HBF Newsletter No. 7 - April 2006  133KB
HBF Newsletter No. 6 - February 2006  140KB
HBF Newsletter No. 5 - January 2006  84KB
HBF Newsletter No. 4 - December 2005  108KB
HBF Newsletter No. 3 - November 2005  108KB
HBF Newsletter No. 2 - October 2005  245KB
HBF Newsletter No. 1 - August 2005  232KB
Progress Reports
HBF Progress report No. 2 - August 2005  142KB
HBF Progress report No. 1 - May 2005  103KB
The Harbour Business Forum Membership List Download PDF132KB
The Harbour Business Forum Mission and Focus Download PDF67.9KB
Habour Business Forum Launch Download ZIPImages (930KB)